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Escaplan, we upskill the team’s agility and leadership to be a high-performance team with our special technique of learning through games.

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“Our workshop incorporates games developed in-house by an experienced team to enhance the learning experience.

The games combine story context with challenges to create a unique simulation experience.”

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Escaplan Workshop

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Knowledge, Tools and Activities

Our workshop focusing on experiential learning. Participants will learn through Escaplan Game. There are Strategic Board game or Mystery Mission Game.

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Collaborative Discussion

Every workshop at Escaplan, we hace creative and collaborative section. We guide your team to have open-dialogs and creative-thinking.

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Action & Implementation Planning

Participants recap their experience and reflect their learning with real-world business. Develop tactics and apply within their team.


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Escaplan services have 2 programs and both of them are designed for in-house and virtual sessions:

Business Training Program

Soft-skill training through game-simulation

Team-Building Program

Ice-breaking, team-building activities

Business Training Program

Soft-skill training through game simulation. Our programs can be adapted and designed to meet the organization’s objectives and team values.

An agile business is a highly-adaptive, continuously learning team that is capable of rapidly delivering customer value and responsively shifting the business to fulfill their vision. This workshop highlights the key elements that every business needs in the modern economy and the steps to take to transform your team to become an agile unit.

An organization’s vision provides the future direction.  When members in a team share a vision, it unifies their actions, beliefs, values, and goals.  

Inspire and empower your team to achieve outstanding results. The workshop shows how to  introduce leadership vision and manage more effectively to have a major impact on your success.

OKR is a goal setting methodology that is designed to push your team to expand their capability and achieve a success in an alignment with organizational goal. 

Escaplan’s goal setting workshop demonstrate how you can use OKR to drive results and grow your business.

While many organizations find themselves flush with many ideas, they have no meaningful way to take those ideas further. 

Escaplan empowers business to reduce risk and make better investment decisions, supported not by what market research reports, group-think, politics or the highest paid person say, but by what customer behaviour tells us.

Throughout a transformation, organization face many challenges such as lack of trust, inability to work through conflict, personal agendas and lack of accountability or commitment. 

Imagine what your team will accomplish when all your team members share a great culture and perform at their best! Learn how to build a motivated team to row in the same direction and hitting your dream results

People with a growth mindset have higher levels of success than those with a fixed mindset. Develop the belief that our capability is expandable and learn how to creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. Transform your team with a culture of growth both individually and collectively.

In a fast-paced world, success dependents on an ability to deliver an initiative, and solve problem quickly. 

In this workshop, participants learn a process for thinking creative and creatively, make better decisions and create better solutions.

Team-Building Program

Ice-breaking, team-building activities. Perfect for new members meetings, reuniting teammates, build team trust and teamwork.

  • Develop leadership, TEAMWORK and how to work together to SOLVE PROBLEMS under pressure.
  • Experience TEAM SPIRIT that driven on the SAME MISSION and focus on goal.
  • Plan a route that get everyone to the top safely.
  • Set your personal goals and be the great.
  • Lay strategic benchmarks and beat other competitors.
  • Breaking ice and create engagement opportunity for new interns.
  • Break Down barriers between individuals.
  • Build TEAM SPIRIT and UNDERSTANDING on the new mission and direction of the organization. 
  • Develop a sense of SHARED MISSION that drive COLLABORATION

The chaos world is changing humanity. Your team decided to find a new land and build your own colony! 

  • Play and learn the essentials of an agile. high-performance team.
  • Simulate the team forming process.
  • Share the team experience with your peers.
  • Align your team vision, create your team spirit and identity.
  • Learn your team’s mission, strength, and weakness.
  • The team with the best creativity, win!

GoSnoop is not a traditional tour. It is a new concept to discover the best parts of the city while playing a detective game and having fun! Investigate and crack the riddle will be your goal. All you need is a sharp mind and comfy shoes.

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