Become the most effective virtual team.

Succeed in a remote working environment as a leader and high-performer in 5 steps.

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Virtual teams are an essential part of an agile workforce. More than ever, people are using technology to work anywhere and anytime, promoting flexibility, productivity and efficiency.

However, managing an effective virtual workplace comes with big challenges. 

In this course, managers and team members will learn how to prepare their teams for the virtual workplace, creating collaborative virtual teams, leveraging technology for effective communication, and developing a unified remote team.

The Results From This Course

Work productively and happily 

Achieving team’s goals and targets

Create team autonomy and agility

Fun and agile working culture

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All Participants will learn:

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Who is this program for?

✔ Business Managers and Leaders who run virtual teams

✔ All virtual team's members or employee working remotely

Learn from who has been there and done that...

Experience matters because – as you’ll discover in the course – being able to transform your mindset, lead positively and work effectively with your colleagues is one of the most crucial factors for happy, successful remote teams.     

Experienced Team

At Escaplan, we have helped teams in big corporation or small business to work in an agile way and communicate more effectively.

The Founder

In over a decade-long career, our founder Pochara Amatasin worked with leaders in distributed teams at a wide range of global organisations – from retail giants to global tech companies to international marketing firms.

We live it

But above all, as the director and founder of Escaplan and GoSnoop, he has been building the teams under the best practice of hybrid virtual workplace.


The "24 Hours Deal" Virtual Simulation

Five business deals are on the table, but only one that would take your business to the market domination.

You and your team must work virtually together to plan, collaborate, investigate and make a mutual decision.

You got 24 hours before the competitors steal your deal!

Participants are briefed on the mission scenarios and goals.

Participants are given tools, resources, and information on how to best play the game.

Split into teams, each team has to plan and manage work together over the set time (1 – 4 days).

Based on the result submission, the winning team provides most correct answers and decisions.

Our friendly team is ready to help you!

Message us and we are happy to answer questions that you may have.

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