time to transform

How to tansform your team to transcend in the digital era


About This Workshop

Digital technology is now enabling all companies to create new value by augmenting their current business models with digitization. Leaders are transforming their businesses to stay ahead of the game - but the process can be overwhelming for many. The “time to transform workshop" provides a fun learning experience that will better your understanding of business transformation in the digital age.

Our signature fun strategic game in a cafe atmosphere will create a unique team experience to bond and think tactically and be ready for the needed transformation.

Workshop Topics:

What is a digital business?

Why is it important to transform business?

How to transform your business?

Why You Should Join this workshop?

  • You will learn...

    What it takes to win in the digital era. How to prepare your organization through changes digital business era.

  • You will have...

    Pillars of a successful team. To lead your team and your organization to success and stable.

  • You will get...

    Get tactics and plan your business to go through the digital era as a team. Make sure your plans & strategies is fit in your business.

  • You can build...

    Build your team to be a stronger and better team! Inspire you and the team through talking in the great community.

  • Your team will...

    Have fun and relax with a fun strategic unique game. Build your team spirit in a good vibes.

    What will you get?

      4 Hours of highly engaging workshop

      Business tools to kick-start your next step

      A great new community for everyone can enjoy

      The most fun & relax training workshop!

      THE GAME

      "the simpson's seven game"

      What will happen when a village has been cursed. A group of 7 heroes is sent on a journey to find magic potions to invoke the curse and save the village. How will the story end be in your hand now?


      Type: Board Game

      • Witness the simulated circumstances in business transformation.
      • Learn usefulness of each component in business agility.
      • Build understanding of Team transformation tactics.

      Length: 1 hour and 15 minutes


        how the workshop works?


        Getting to know people around you. Prepare for fun activities together.


        Learn the ideas that would inspire your team and transcend your business.

        Game Time

        Play our fun unique strategic game. Build teamwork and reflect on the learning topics.

        Cafe' Talk

        Discuss and share your learning experience in a relax cafe setting. How would it apply into your real-life?

        Milestone Celebration

        Celebrate together as a winning team that has taken the next step toward your success.

        Workshop fact

        • Half-Day Workshop (4Hours)

        • Onsite or Offsite Location

        • 5-30 People/Session


        • Training Handouts

        • Vent and Venue Coordinator

        • Winning Prizes

        • Coffee, Tea and Sweet Refreshments

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