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Growth Mindset The Secret To Success

Become a TRANSFORMATIVE LEADER, unlock your team capability and


About this program

People with a growth mindset have higher levels of success than those with a fixed mindset.
Develop the belief that our capability is expandable and learn how to creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. Transform your team with a culture of growth both individually and collectively.

Workshop Objectives


What is a growth mindset and why is it important.


The characteristics of a growth mindset VS. a fixed mindset.


Understanding your personal mindset and how to unlock limited believe and unleash your potential


The 4 steps to take to develop your Growth Mindset (The 4Fs Model – Feel it, Fancy it, Face it and Find Out)


Start to use language and action that enhances growth mindset


4 – 40

Group Size


Workshop Duration

In-person / Virtual

Workshop Type

Our Approach

Course Outline

1. Ice-Breaking & Brainstorming Activity:

“My mind, Your Mind”

  • Defining what is a mindset
  • A discussion around Growth Mindset and the importance of developing a growth mindset at work and in personal life.

2.Collaborative Card Game:

“Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset”

  • Understand the difference between processing with Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset
  • The words and actions are associated with limited belief and endless possibilities.

3. Group Activity and Discussion:

“Feeling the Fix”

  • Understand your feelings when facing with challenging decision and the consequence of your choice of actions.
  • Learn several case studies on growth mindset

4. Puzzle Game:

“Feel it, Fancy it, Face it and Find Out”

  • The 4F Model
  • Developing a process to respond to situations with a positive mindset.
  • Learn the process for recognizing feelings, thinking strategically about desired outcomes, and then planning actions accordingly.

5. Group Activity and Discussion:

“Gap for Growth”

  • Set the Goal for Growth.
  • Assess the gap and develop your personal roadmap for growth

6. Strategic Board-Game Simulation:

“The Road to The Rock n’ Roll”

Experience and practice simulated scenarios that require a growth mindset to succeed.

Featured Activity:

“The Road to Rock Star!”

When your famous rock star friend has mysteriously disappeared, your only hope is to replicate his success and traceback his history!

★ Learn the essentials of a growth mindset and how to develop it.
★ Play games and experience the simulated events that reflect your growth mindset vs fixed mindset.
★ Share the team memory with your peers.

✓ Participants are briefed on the mission scenarios and goals.
✓ Participants are given tools, resources, and information on how to best play the game.
✓ Split into teams, each team has to plan and manage work together over the set time. (1-4 days)
✓ Based on the result submission, the winning team provides most correct answers and decisions.

Learn from who has been there and done that...

Experience matters because – as you’ll discover in the course –  without an experience, there can be no real mindset  change or true learning of a concept or situation. Being able to transform to an agile organization starts from the top. Leaders need to experience and transform their mindset to be able to lead positively and demonstrate values of agility before your business can adopt and build the agile culture around their works.     


Practical Application

At Escaplan, we have helped leaders in big corporations and small businesses to develop the winning mindset, work in an agile way and build effective teams. Our clients have witness immediate and real impacts.

Experienced Team

With over a decade-long career, our founding team and partners are has helped many organizations to execute transformative projects and implement functioning development program.

Passionate People

We believe in growth through innovation and agility. Escaplan has gone through changes and grow with the same mentality. Being agile is not just how we work, but it's also how share and help other to grow.

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