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Today leaders must be able to lead effectively in a volatile and complex environment. You will succeed as a leader if you are capable of transforming the challenges of a constantly changing situation into opportunities. 

This workshop uses a  combination of practical tools and problem-based experiential exercises to help participants gain deep understanding on how to lead and form agile teams to  achieve better results, and how to support the cultural and behavioral changes that organizations must make to reap the benefits of an agile product delivery approach.

The Results From This Course


Transform yourself, your team, and your organization from traditional into Agile way of work


Accelerate the delivery of your organization’s products and services


Develop change resilience at a personal, team, and organization level


Take the lead by building a foundation in developing the capability of innovation


Make your organization adaptable – a learning organization

"Agility is the ability to adapt and respond to change. Agile organization views change as an opportunity not a threat."

– Jim Highsmith

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Who is this program for?

This course is for leaders and for those aspiring to leadership in today’s fast-paced world.

Whether you are an executive, a manager, a team leader or an expert, you are in a position where Agile Leadership will help you grow, make a difference for people around you and for your organization.

Learn from who has been there and done that...

Experience matters because – as you’ll discover in the course –  without an experience, there can be no real mindset  change or true learning of a concept or situation. Being able to transform to an agile organization starts from the top. Leaders need to experience and transform their mindset to be able to lead positively and demonstrate values of agility before your business can adopt and build the agile culture around their works.     

Experienced Team

At Escaplan, we have helped teams in big corporation or small business to work in an agile way and communicate more effectively.

The Founder

In over a decade-long career, our founder Pochara Amatasin worked with leaders in distributed teams at a wide range of global organisations – from retail giants to global tech companies to international marketing firms.

We live it

But above all, as the director and founder of Escaplan and GoSnoop, he has been building the teams under the best practice of hybrid virtual workplace.


“Agile Leader Social Media Profile“ Virtual Project

With only 3 days remaining, teams must find the new innovation that would save the organization.

Plan the best way to The world is in crisis

Participants are briefed on the mission scenarios and goals.

Participants are given tools, resources, and information on how to best play the game.

Split into teams, each team has to plan and manage work together over the set time (1 – 4 days).

Based on the result submission, the winning team provides most correct answers and decisions.

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