Quantum criminal

Transforming Challenges into Collective Victories

Venue: Training Room/ Seminar Room/ Ballroom/Meeting Rooms

Duration: Half Day

Max: 120ax
Optimum: 20-80 pax
Group Size: 6 pax


Ignite your team’s brilliance with Quantum Criminal, team-building program that infuses creativity and fun into every challenge. Collaborate on mystery puzzles, boost leadership skills, and strengthen team spirit while unlocking innovative problem-solving. Elevate your team’s synergy and success in a dynamic, engaging way.

Quantum Criminal


Mission Briefing

Begin journey with the mission introduction. Feel the camaraderie as the team comes together.

Puzzle & Riddle

Going through a pile of evidence suitcase, teams compete against time, solving puzzles to gain more information to solve the mystery.

Team Activity

Gather clues and solve riddles as a team. Use your creativity and communication skills to uncover the truth behind the story. Build up teammates and brainstorm in challenging activities in Escaplan style.

Mystery Review and Celebration

After teams submit their investigation reports. The mystery will be revealed, the winning team will be announced and winning prizes are given out.


Boost Leadership Skills: Individuals learn to guide and influence team members to find a way to solve mystery.

Cultivate Problem-Solving: Developing problem-solving skills both as a team and individual.

Build up Morale: An interactive and rewarding activity fostering a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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