Business Agility Transformation for Digital Economy Workshop

Create AWARENESS on what is necessary for the modern DIGITAL ECONOMY. Learn steps how to TRANSFORM and become an AGILE ORGANIZATION.

Venue: In-person/ Virtual

Duration: 2 sessions (3 Hrs each)

Capacity: 3-50 ppl


An agile business is a highly-adaptive, continuously learning team that is capable of rapidly delivering customer value and responsively shifting the business to fulfill their vision.

This workshop highlights the key elements that every business needs in the digital economy and the steps to take to transform your team to become an agile unit. 


  1. The current climate, characteristic of digital economy and the necessity of business agility.
  2. Business Identity vs Business Agility
  3. How to transform your team to an agile unit
  4. The pillars of organization agility
  5. The 5 Ts of business transformation
  6. Create your personal agile transformation roadmap and alignment to the organizational digital transformation plan.

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