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The 7 pillars of Business and Team Transformation

Create AWARENESS of what is necessary for the MODERN ECONOMY.
Learn steps on how to TRANSFORM and become an AGILE ORGANIZATION.


About this program

An agile business is a highly-adaptive, continuously learning team that is capable of rapidly delivering customer value and responsively shifting the business to fulfill their vision. This workshop highlights the key elements that every business needs in the modern economy and the steps to take to transform your team to become an agile unit.

Workshop Objectives


The current economic climate and the necessity of business agility.


Business Identity VS Business Agility


How to transform your team to an agile team. The 7 pillars of organization agility. The 5 Ts of business transformation


The business agility readiness assessment – How ready is your team for the modern economy.

4 – 40

Group Size


Workshop Duration

In-person / Virtual

Workshop Type

Our Approach

Course Outline

1. Ice-Breaking & Brainstorming Activity:

“Attention passengers. Your flight has been cancelled”

What it take and how a business can win in the modern economy.

2.Training Talk:

What is business agility and why it is the most necessary in current business climate.

3. Game-Based Simulation:

“Simpson’s Seven” Strategic board Game

4. Discussion & Conclusion:

How to transform into an agile business.
➔ Business agility vs Identity
➔ The 7 pillars of organization agility
➔ The 5 Ts of business transformation

5. Strategic Tools:

“Escaplan’s business agility readiness assessment”

How ready is your team for the modern economy.

6. Strategic Planning:

Identify the opportunity and challenges in becoming an agile team. Develop a strategic plan to transform your team capability and culture for growth and acceleration.

Featured Activity:

“Simpson’s Seven”

The village has been cursed and people is dying! A group of 7 heroes is sent on a journey to find magic potions to invoke the curse and save the village. Lead the team and strategise. Make sure you survive the journey!

★ Learn the 7 pillars of business agility and how it impact the team dynamic.
★ Simulates business agility transformation process.
★ Share a collaborative experience with your team.

✓ Participants are briefed on the mission scenarios and goals.
✓ Participants are given tools, resources, and information on how to best play the game.
✓ Split into teams, each team has to plan and manage work together over the set time. (1-4 days)
✓ Based on the result submission, the winning team provides most correct answers and decisions.

Learn from who has been there and done that...

Experience matters because – as you’ll discover in the course –  without an experience, there can be no real mindset  change or true learning of a concept or situation. Being able to transform to an agile organization starts from the top. Leaders need to experience and transform their mindset to be able to lead positively and demonstrate values of agility before your business can adopt and build the agile culture around their works.     


Practical Application

At Escaplan, we have helped leaders in big corporations and small businesses to develop the winning mindset, work in an agile way and build effective teams. Our clients have witness immediate and real impacts.

Experienced Team

With over a decade-long career, our founding team and partners are has helped many organizations to execute transformative projects and implement functioning development program.

Passionate People

We believe in growth through innovation and agility. Escaplan has gone through changes and grow with the same mentality. Being agile is not just how we work, but it's also how share and help other to grow.

Our friendly team is ready to help you!

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