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“Be the leader that make the most of competitive challenges, build an organization that innovate and adapt quickly.”

We help enabling your businesses to adapt quickly by embed agility into your leadership and in turn, shape your strategy, your organization, and your team. Our program put you in the role of leader in mobilizing and driving change, you will emerge ready to propel higher levels of responsiveness throughout your organization.

What Do We Do?

Agile Leadership Development

Agility is the key to your organization’s ability to survive–and thrive in this volatile environment . We develop essential skills for professionals and executives to become effective leaders, building foundation for team and organizational agility.

Game-Based Leadership Simulation

Our workshop incorporates games developed in-house by an experienced team to enhance the learning experience. The games combine story context with challenges to create a unique simulation experience. 

Innovative Culture Transformation

Modern business transformation requires innovation and a strong team culture. Our leadership coaching program and team-building activities promote your team to have open-dialogs, exchange points of views and develop creative-thinking. 

How Do We Do It?

"An all inclusive and fully customized program designs to transform you and your organization"

Game-Based Training Workshop

Escaplan’s leadership development training is a highly engaging and interactive workshop. Focusing on experiential learning, these live sessions can be organized onsite, offsite, in-person or online. 

Agile Leadership Coaching

Our experienced coaches guide your leaders through proven transformative frameworks and tools. The coaching sessions are conducted online, in-person, one-on-one or in a group format.

Leadership Simulation & Assessment

We are specialised in creating game experience that would require leaders to practice, exercise and demonstrate leadership qualities necessary to lead their business in the volatile environment.

Team-Building Mission-Driven Games

Our most unique team-building activity is a fun indoor strategic game, outdoor team adventure, or a combination of the two. Our highly popular games build bond and leadership in the most fun and memorable way.


“We’ve got the love from our participants!

Escaplan business game-changer workshop provides our attendees with a transformative experience. Through our FUN and EDUCATIONAL training program, the audiences gain PRACTICAL STRATEGY and PLAN that applicable with their work and personal life. The participants also create bonding with each other.  This unique experience has proven to improve TEAMWORK, COLLABORATION, COMMUNICATION and TRUST among any team-members.

We appreciate all of the comments and feedback. At Escaplan, we enjoy our journey and genuinely create impactful experiences for everyone.”


Play Time 2.30 Hours

Escaplan Game Time

A fun team activity session. Focusing on team bonding through playing mystery puzzle or board game

Half Day

Escaplan Experience

Play and learn crucial business and leadership concepts. A collaborative discussion enhances social learning and communication.

Full Day

Escaplan Strategize

Spand the morning with Escaplan experience and the afternoon on an engaging strategy-building workshop.


Half-Day Game-Based
Full-day Training &
Perfect for…Fun Team-building ActivityGame-based Business
Training and
Team Engagement
Team Engagement,
Learning and  Team
Strategic Building
Event Time:2 Hours and 30 Minutes4 Hours8 Hours
What is included:   
Interactive Learning 
Escaplan’s Exclusive Games
Winning Celebration
Collaborative Discussion 
Team Tool Integration  
Creative Brain-Storming  
Strategic Planning  
Event Planner & Coordinator
Venue Hire 
Game Master  
Workshop Facilitator 
Workshop Material & Handouts 
Winning PrizesPremiumPremium
Drink & Refreshment   

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