Vision Inspires Visions

Create an INSPIRATIONAL VISION and CLARITY that UNIFY and DRIVE your organization forward in the same direction

About This Workshop

An organization’s vision provides a future direction.  When members of a team share a vision, it unifies their actions, beliefs, values, and goals.  Inspire and empower your team to achieve outstanding results. The workshop shows how to introduce leadership vision and manage more effectively to have a major impact on your success.

Learning Objectives

1. Strategic thinking and the power of visionary leadership
2. The Golden Circle – Why we do what we do
3. How to inspire and unify your team to great achievement
a. Team’s vision vs personal vision
b. Create an inspirational vision in 5 steps
c. Vision alignment
4. The A-Team Visualization Tool – Building team success visualization and create a team’s shared vision.

In 2099, the earth’s population has reduced down to 30 million! Our earth is dying. identify the survival planet, transport the people and save humanity before it’s too late!

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  • Half-Day Workshop (4 Hours)
  • Full-Day Workshop (8 Hours)
  • Onsite or Offsite Location
  • 5-40 people/session


  • Training Handouts

  • Vent and Venue Coordinator

  • Winning Prizes

  • Coffee, Tea and Sweet Refreshments


1. Training Handouts

2. Vent and Venue Coordinator

3. Winning Prizes

4. Coffee, Tea and Sweet Refreshments


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