Why Accessing to an expert is crucial to a business?

Most of SMEs tend to encounter with the problem of lacking of resources and systematic management. Because the basis of most SMEs is an enterprise founded by a family business. They tend  to manage their business in a “family way” where staffs and organization’s members have a good relationship, based on trust, towards their leader and among each other. Moreover, unclear division within the organization results in united and harmonious environment and growth.

However, SMEs often find out that more complexities occur after a certain phases of growth. Therefore, the old way of management does not create efficient outcomes as it used to. The next generation continuing the business in this complicated times might have insufficient experience and has not yet been fully trusted by the older staffs.

These business successors are mostly from the generation Y who grew up in the age of internet and technology which results in a higher internet skills than previous generations. Also, they tend to have more creativity and adaptability when dealing with changes. Escaplan strongly believe that “SME business in the hand of the next generation is not inferior to those of the previous ones”. Despite lacking of experience which make them afraid to propose new ideas, advantages of these new generations are their creativity and their keenness to try new things.

We have a strong understanding about the problem of lacking resources and the complexity of the business system. Our program is developed from the concept of startup enterprise that will provide opportunities for you to try and make sure about the possibility of your idea before you try it with your business. This can help reduce the amount of money that you have to invest and help increase the possibility of your idea.

Moreover, we have created a program that will help you achieve more efficiency in managing organization by creating a good “business routine” which is based on the use of software and workflow management. This will create the best model for your business and transform your business into a “lean” system. It will allow you to try and develop your new business model on the basis of “Kaizen” concept.

Escaplan’s mission is to deliver the valuable knowledge from the experience we have got from working with leading organizations for over a decade. We use the experience from working at Silicon Valley and working in the area of SMEs to help small and medium enterprises, which is our passion, to grow in a steady and sustainable way. We wish to see them becoming a modern organization that can cope with all kinds of changes and have the potential to compete in this constantly changing world. We see our customers as our business partners whom we want to help as one of the members of the SME family.


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