At Escaplan, we tormented by the idea of busy business executive in the mist of the pursue of success, loosing their freedom in the process. We dedicate our work to create a systems and approaches to help executives and SME owners reach maximum business success and life fulfillment.
As a professional group of friends and families, we share the same believe of growth via the power of aspiration and productivity boost.
žOur specialties are formed by the intertwining utilization of progressed technology, people and leadership development and business comprehension.


The partners are lead consultants who bring years of experiences providing services for leading international corporations in their own fields.

Pochara (Giff) Amatasin

Business Improvement and Planning Specialist
• Over a decade in business improvement and analytics.
• 5 years as an operation support and planning specialist for the largest private organization in Australia.
• Executed improvement projects for MNCs across diverse industries - IT, Retails, Manufacturing, Marketing Research, Sports and Entertainment, etc.
• Certified Change Manager

Jakpanu (A) Amatasin

Process Engineer and Analytics Specialist
• Over a decade in helping SMEs and coaching entrepreneurs to build businesses.
• Two decades in Process Optimization, Cost Reduction and Lean Enterprise for small to large businesses and manufacturers.
• First-class Honor Industrial and In-Process Engineer.
• Kepner Tregoe certified Problem Solving and Decision Making Practitioner

Ponthep (Nheung) Prampipat

Software Engineer and Technology Specialist
• Almost 2 decades in Software Development and Enterprise Solution industry.
• All inclusive programming and digital technology advocate.
• Multi-computer-languages expert - PHP/Symfony/CakePHP .Net Framework- C#, VB, Python, Shellscript, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript