Enhancing Team Synergy: The Escaplan Outdoor Team-Building Program Experience with UNHCR


Join us in today’s blog post as we unpack the remarkable journey of UNHCR through our outdoor team-building program. We will take you through their transformation, highlighting the impactful results of our program in fostering lasting bonds and memorable adventures.


The UNHCR team recognized the need to enhance their collaborative capacities and interpersonal relationships, prompting their participation in our adventure team-building program. Before enrolling, they faced challenges in efficient communication and effectively utilizing their team’s diverse strengths. Our meticulously crafted program was tailored to challenge, inspire, and cultivate team unity through interactive outdoor activities, puzzles, and problem-solving exercises. By establishing an optimal environment, we facilitated the team’s development of improved communication skills and the consolidation of their teamwork.

The Customer’s Experience

From the onset of their journey with us, the UNHCR team underwent a remarkable transformation. Our well-structured activities allowed open communication, trust-building, and collective problem-solving. The team shared laughter, support, and celebrated victories together, fostering a resilient bond among them.


Our program delivered exceptional results for the UNHCR team, facilitating the further development of their already strong teamwork by refining their communication skills and deepening their understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses. This growth translated into improved collaborative efficiency, leading to heightened productivity and success, as demonstrated by enhanced problem-solving capabilities and more effective task delegation within the team. This experience underscored the pivotal role of unity and trust in maximizing team potential, underscoring the importance of creating a secure and engaging environment that enables teams to cultivate communication skills, recognize and leverage individual strengths, and collaborate seamlessly towards shared objectives. The UNHCR team’s journey serves as a testament to the enduring value of fostering teamwork, even when teams possess solid existing foundations.


Escaplan’s outdoor team-building program demonstrated a remarkable influence on the UNHCR team, propelling their teamwork to unprecedented levels of success. The program effectively facilitated communication, harnessed individual strengths, and fostered a cohesive approach in overcoming challenges. We extend an invitation to teams of diverse backgrounds to explore the transformative potential of our program. For further information about Escaplan’s outdoor team-building program and its potential benefits for your team, please visit our website at www.escaplan.com. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey and unlock the full potential of your team’s synergy.

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