A Thrilling Team Mission with Mystery Puzzle Game

 Get your team together and solve the mystery!
Players are assigned to work as a team. Even if they knew or didn’t know each other before.

Keep your team engaged, connected, and social while working. You’ll uncover clues, solve brainteaser challenges, and think outside the box as you work to solve this mysterious case.

3 – 200

Group Size

3 – 6

Team Size


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Top secret...?!

At InterTech Company. The world’s leading vacuum machine. The company is going to launch a new technology called ‘Quantum Vacuum Machine’ which is still a secret.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the night. Someone has stolen the secret information and left the note ‘Catch me if you can…’ We cannot tell the police. This is a secret mission!

As a Marketing team, Finance team, and IT team. The company needs your help to catch the thief.


About this activity

Players will get the best experience through playing the game. Communicate with the team, work through challenges and get to know each other.

Break the wall between a group and be more assertive. You will use your thinking skills, flair, creativity, and leadership.

In addition to the teamwork, players sink into the mission, experience the fun of solving mysteries and piecing together the story.

How does it work?

  • Briefs players on the purpose and how to play.
  • Team up to solve puzzles together with only some evidence left.
  • Think wisely and solve the case within the time limit.

Program Agenda

1. Ice-Breaking

Get to know new people and have more conversations with the team. Build the courage to speak up and express opinions in the team.

2. Mystery

Solving the puzzle. Communicate in a team and be creative.
Work together to resolve the mystery case.

3. Team Celebration

After completing the puzzle, celebrating success together as a team. Recap about what decisions are made together in the investigation.

Perfect for...

  • Ice Breaking for new staffs
  • Team bonding
  • Leadership development
Communication 100%
Collaboration 100%
Team-spirit 100%
Problem solving 95%
Leadership 90%
Creativity 80%
Resilience 70%



Great experience! The puzzle were great, and it was a lot of fun.

It was the first live gaming experience, I’ve tried, but it was definitely worth it!



Through clues and challenges, we quickly get caught up in the game. 

We look forward to playing again.



The clues are quite easy to find along the trail but we still have to rack our brains for the final resolution.

We will definitely go back to another adventure.



This workshop is suitable for building relationships within teams, organizations, and friends. Both those who already know each other or those who have not yet met. This activity will definitely help build a good relationship.

We have 2 languages. English and Thai.

Our friendly team is ready to help you!

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