The best way you and your team can acquire any knowledge or skills.

Effective building your knowledge comes down to getting the mix between formal and informal learning with the 70 20 10 theory. What are these special numbers? and what is informal & informal learning? Let’s take a deeper look!
Informal learning is combine ‘70% of learning that comes from on-the-job experience or experiential learning’ with ‘20% from developmental relationship or social learning’. For informal learning is already responsible for 90%. So, 10% left is formal learning which is an essential part of any learning strategy and facts.

How does it work? How can you do that? Let’s see…

70% Experiential Learning

You and your team will learn and gain this 70% through hands-on experiences, daily tasks and any challenges. The most effective learning is to learn by doing as well as children play, children learn. Before you become a master of something you must live with it, practice and pushing yourself harder. You learned from those experiences that make you became you today. So you must take times and keep doing it to gather more and more experiences.

20% Social Learning

You will learn social learning from your relationship by sharing your knowledge, your thoughts, observing others and nurturing mentorship within your team. You can’t learn this section alone. Social learning is usually self-directed and less structured than formal learning. Your team will learn together and grow together by observing, asking questions and share opinions with each other. See, this is a very easy part!

10% Formal Learning

It is an essential part of any learning strategy. It is facts and it is the backbone of successful learning. To succeed in something (your goal or your team goal) you need to understand all the rules and any components. Your team will have to get to know your goals or your work information that supports you and your team practical skills. With this 70 20 10 model your team can gain more effective learning. The power of this theory will make you achieve your goals easier.
That’s it! I hope you get to know these things more and inspire your team to the end!
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