ABB’s Journey to Break Barriers with GoSnoop Team Building

In this article, we’ll explore ABB’s first-time-ever team-building adventure with GoSnoop, a remarkable experience crafted to deepen connections, bridge language barriers, and leave a lasting impression.

Overview of the Program:

At ABB, there’s a vibrant team led by a management team from Singapore, Canada, and Malaysia and a variety department of employees from sales, operation, engineering, SCM, and services.  While they enjoy a great work environment and get along well, they realized the untapped potential of team building activities. They wanted to strengthen their relationships, overcome cultural and language barriers, and boost their teamwork. That’s when they discovered GoSnoop’s adventure team-building program—a perfect match for ABB’s goals. This program offered a variety of exciting activities that aimed to bring the team closer, encourage collaboration, and bridge any communication gaps. The aim was to create an unforgettable experience where ABB members could have an amazing time, forge stronger connections, and make a positive impact together. Apart from the fun GoSnooping, they also want to do CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by giving out food and essential items to the homeless in the game area. As stated in their vision “At ABB, we are committed to solving some of the biggest global challenges of our time. This is only possible through our exceptional people who work every day, towards this endeavor. A culture of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity is critical to our business success and makes us stronger. At ABB we strive for a culture where individual differences are not only welcomed but celebrated.”


Overview of the Program:

The Golden Mountain Eclipse offers an outdoor, game-based team-building experience aimed at enhancing teamwork and collaboration skills through the exploration of Bangkok’s old town. During the activity, participants will have the chance to discover famous landmarks as well as hidden treasures. As the adventure unfolds, teams will need to collaborate to solve the captivating mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Somsak family. Put on your detective hats and begin investigating what happened to Mr. Somsak and his family. Follow the breadcrumbs left behind by Mr. Somsak around Rattanakosin island, crack the codes he created, and become the winners by completing the story of the missing Somsak Family! 


ABB has consistently demonstrated a commitment to making a difference, and this initiative reflects their dedication to promoting positive impact and fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity. For more information, please visit



In response to a specific request from ABB teams, Gosnoop team were searching the right Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity to combine with the group team building. We surveyed the Trok Sakae area,  where a small alley in the middle of the city filled homeless. The individuals on the street are mostly suffer from financial hardship and mental disabilities. They are relying on food and support from occasionally generosity of the community. We saw the opportunity to make a difference. GoSnoop worked closely with the Thai food bank organization.  With the group efforts of over 40 ABB employees, they sourced, prepared and distributed over 300 lunch boxes and provided essential items such as water, bread, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and face masks.

The Customer’s Experience:

ABB’s team had an amazing experience that changed them for the better. They faced exciting challenges that required good communication, trust, and teamwork. Along the way, our game required the team to communicate and collaborate through fun and challenging riddles and puzzles while exploring off-beat tracks around Bangkok’s old town.


Apart from the fun aspect, they were eager to do something good for the people in the game area. At the Trok Sakae area, a small alley in the middle of the city where homeless people and those facing difficulties gather, they saw the opportunity to make a difference. These individuals wait there for food, support, and sometimes even live and sleep on the streets. The vast majority of them are urban poor with low or no income. With the efforts of over 40 ABB employees, they distributed over 300 lunch boxes and provided essential items such as water, bread, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and face masks. The event lasted for about an hour, but within that short amount of time, they were able to create a positive impact on over 300 homeless individuals and strengthen their bond with the community. It was inspiring to see how dedicated they were to making a positive impact, showing that they were united beyond just work. Despite language barriers and rain during the event, the team supported and encouraged each other, making their bond even stronger.



The team building program at ABB had amazing results, significantly improving their teamwork and leadership skills. They did really well in the GoSnoop game, using their strengths and different perspectives to solve problems in creative ways. The CSR activity showed how well they worked together, caring about making a positive impact on the homeless in the area. From this experience, two important things stood out. First, even teams without conflicts can benefit from team building activities. It helps them get to know each other better, build stronger connections, and discover hidden talents. Second, it’s important to overcome language barriers for effective collaboration. ABB’s journey showed how powerful it is to break down language obstacles and embrace diversity. When team members communicate openly and understand each other, they can achieve impressive results. One team member shared their experience: “It was so much fun! We had a great time developing our teamwork and collaboration skills. Each riddle challenged us to work together, putting in our collective effort to solve each question step by step. It was an enjoyable and rewarding experience!”


In conclusion, ABB’s experience with GoSnoop’s team building program shows that working together and breaking barriers can bring about big changes. They had a great time, made new friends, and made a positive impact on society. It’s clear that well-planned team building activities can help teams grow and work better together. We want to encourage teams everywhere to see the benefits of team building. When you work together, collaborate, and have fun, you unlock your team’s full potential. This improves communication, builds strong leaders, and leads to great success.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford  


Ready to start your own team building journey? Join GoSnoop’s adventure team-building program today and discover what your team can achieve. More information at Get ready for an amazing adventure that will take your team to new heights! a


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