Start it like a Startup

Learn LEAN STARTUP methodology and promote an INNOVATIVE CULTURE. Develop NEW INNOVATION and test it’s VIABILITY with pace.

About This Workshop

While many organizations find themselves flush with many ideas, they have no meaningful way to take those ideas further. Escaplan empowers the business to reduce risk and make better investment decisions, supported not by what market research reports, group-think, politics or the highest-paid person say, but by what customer behavior tells us.

Learning Objectives

1. What is Lean Startup and why it promotes innovation.
2. The Build-Measure-Learn principle.
3. The 4 phrases of innovation scaling.
4. Innovation Accounting and the 3 things to measure what matters.
5. How to start developing your team’s startup initiatives.

10 days stranded on a broken ship, we finally reach an island. The only problem, the mysterious tribe living on the island demands a perfect gift. With limited resources, we need to come up with something fast!!

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  • Half-Day Workshop (4 Hours)
  • Full-Day Workshop (8 Hours
  • Onsite or Offsite Location
  • 5-40 people/session


  • Training Handouts

  • Vent and Venue Coordinator

  • Winning Prizes

  • Coffee, Tea and Sweet Refreshments


1. Training Handouts

2. Vent and Venue Coordinator

3. Winning Prizes

4. Coffee, Tea and Sweet Refreshments


+66 98 279 3790
+66 2 026 8910
The Park East, 76 & 78 Soi Sukhumvit 101/2 Bangna 10260 Bangkok, Thailand
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