Why becoming a Visionary Leadership is crucial to a business?

Having a clear business vision means that you already have a path that will lead you to success. But, the better team you have, the faster success will be achieved”.

If you don’t know which way your business will go and how to create a team in order to finish the project, Escaplan can develop a process that can specifically help you see the big picture of your business clearly and prepare you in order to start your new project.

“Why creating a clear vision is important?

You can try imagine a huge mountain with a breathtaking scenery on the top. It is your dream to conquer the top of this mountain once in your life. However, you neither have a map or know the way to go. The only thing you know is that it is a beautiful and enchanting mountain that only few people have been there. You may choose to ask some villagers who live in that area but the complexity of the path can cause confusion and lead you to the wrong direction.

Would it be better if you have a map that can lead you to that mountain top quickly? That map is similar to the “business vision”. It can help you visualize the pathway and be able to choose the right journey which will ensure you that you are on the right track. Escaplan emphasizes on teamwork where all members are supporting each other, having the same goal and driving the project forward on the business goal that you have created.


Having a good teamwork is like having a good companion who will travel with you until you arrive at the destination. A good companion will provide you a plan that will help you get to the destination faster. To ensure that “you are on the right path that will lead you to your goal”, Escaplan can help you on 3 important things: “finding your goal”, “planning your journey”, and “finding a reason to choose the destination you have chosen”. This 3 things can be comparable to “vision”, “mission”, and “value” of you business.

This process is the first part of a three-step process that we value. Other parts will be focusing on analyzing the strengths and opportunities of your business for choosing the right strategy to enhance the competitiveness of your business.



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