Why becoming an Innovative Organization is crucial to a business?

In today’s rapidly changing world,  all businesses have to adapt themselves in a faster pace due to new technologies and high competitions. In order to cope with change and reduce costs, some organizations choose to adjust the structure or decrease the size of themselves.


However, there are also many small organizations or new startup companies which currently grow and develop with a better progress than some large organizations. A business idea that is good enough can attract people and make them interested in investing their money. That idea can be developed further and become a modern organization that we call “startup



Escaplan uses and adapts the concept of Agile management which is the new way of management that many organizations are now interesting in because it helps speed up the management process and provides more efficiency.



If you have a passion to continue your family’s business or try new business idea, Escaplan can help you create a place where you can fully test your idea before you invest a big amount of money. We use a special process that combines the startup concept and the align management concept together. This will help you generate possible and quick change for your business.


You don’t have to try your idea all alone anymore because Escaplan will join this journey as one of your partners who will provide suggestion and advices until the project is done.


“At Escaplan, we bring your business idea into life.”

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