Why Lean & Agile are crucial to a business?

Escaplan’s customers will develop and become a modern organization that can cope with all kinds of situations. They will be able to innovate their own innovations and have high competitiveness. Having quality staffs who are ready to grow and have an efficient working process will help your organization to become a “lean organization”.

Being LEAN means creating more value with fewer resources. A lean enterprise understands customer value and focuses its energy to continuously increase it, while minimizing waste creation in the process. 


Lean organizational management combining with the startup concept will results in an organization that focuses on creating value for customers and emphasizes on reducing the unnecessary procedures. It prevents the organization from wasting its resources from the beginning and help it to expand faster. This is what Escaplan wants for our customers’ enterprise, to efficiently grow with stability and sustainability.

SME is a charming business due to its simplicity. The foundation of most of SMEs is being a family business that values relationship and operates on the matter of trust. Today, we are living in the world that have more supply than demand, resulting in a high competition. This leads to the searching of tools and technology for enhancing business efficiency. Large organizations are able to do that without any difficulties while it would be nearly impossible for SMEs to compete with.

At Escaplan, we understand and have been adhered to helping SMEs to overcome this limitation. You will be improving your system based on values of your business in order to creates outcomes that are true to your business. It can be said that Doing less but wisely, to get more”.

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